Programme basics

This is a healthy nutrition programme, not a 'diet'. It's about making long term lifestyle changes.

You eat five times a day (including snacks). Two meals will be Herbalife's unique nutrition products as tasty shakes (for breakfast and lunch), using Formula 1 balanced nutrition with added protein from the Protein Drink Mix (PDM). Getting the right protein levels each day means you won’t feel hungry and will support your lean muscle tissue, which helps burn more calories. Mix in chilled water. PDM also provides the creaminess to your shakes.

All products are nature-inspired and plant based, maximising nutrition to ensure the body functions correctly at the same time as reducing calories.

The main meal will be a healthy meal of your choice. A serving of healthy protein: white meat or fish (or vegetarian alternative)

with as many colourful vegetables as you like. Cut down or cut out potatoes, rice and pasta – these are high calorie carbohydrates so won’t help when trying to lose weight. Colourful vegetables are also carbohydrates but lower in calories. With each meal you take a Formula 2 tablet which is a high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement. This is essential for good health and to ensure 100% RDA of vital nutrients is achieved, along with Formula 1. Also have two Fibre & Herb tablets with each meal. A nutritional supplement to help you increase your daily fibre intake to support digestive health.

You can snack between meals too. A piece of fresh fruit or one of Herbalife's healthy protein snacks to contribute to your daily

protein needs.

Drink 2-3 litres of water a day. This is very important on this programme and for good health.

Moderate exercise for 30-minutes (minimum) a day to help improve your health, weight loss and shape.

As your Personal Wellness Coach I will monitor your progress and provide ongoing support, which is included in the cost of your programme. But only if you’re serious about shaping up.

This Programme for one month

Three tubs of Formula 1, one Formula 2, one Fibre & Herbs, one PDM (depends on usage). Maybe choose different flavours of Formula 1 for variety.

Formula 1 comes in eight flavours: Vanilla Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry Delight, Banana Cream, Cafe Latte, Cookies & Cream, Spiced Apple, Mint & Chocolate, Summer Berries, Cookie Crunch. 

Free From Formula 1 is also available, in Vanilla only (Soya-, Lactose- & Gluten-Free).

Great programme enhancers

To boost your metabolism and energy levels, add Instant Herbal Beverage (burns 80 calories per cup) and/or Thermo Complete tablets to your programme.

For healthy protein snacks to boost daily protein levels, add Protein Bars to your programme.


Go to my Herbalife Shop and request your Login Password to view prices and place your order. If you need help, use the form or telephone number on the Contact page. 

FREE Wellness Checkup

If you're not too far away, I can spend 30-minutes with you to measure your body composition and run through a simple lifestyle questionnaire before you start your programme. If you'd like to book a Wellness Checkup please contact me.